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IN WIN 303 Vertical Super Flow

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    2018-03-25 07:08:08

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    This INWIN 303 is set off for 90 degree vertical position with the best natural air flow where cool air moves from bottom to the top with the help of 3x140mm Polaris with special spiral fan grill that does not require an exhaust on top. Independent cooling design makes the hot air rises from critical components like CPU and GPU do not interfere with each other thus maximize the intake of cool air. It features meshed design for maximum air cooling. The panels in all sides are designed to be removable which allow users to customize or selfmod the chassis. All cables are allowed to be routed from the top to back for cable cleaning management purpose. The side panel is featured with doorstyle opening which gives a user super easy handling while the top panel is designed with flip and removable style that gives the user easy access to I/O port.

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