Competition Submissions


No.303 The LAVA

  • Nickname


  • Nationality

    Sri Lanka

  • Participation Date

    2018-03-24 08:38:20

  • Design Description

    Most of the Cases doesn't have good Art and comes with a simple design because of that I decided to make a epic design for this case. Then I Added a Matt Black texture to get a ride of smoothness since most of the cases have good smoothness and looks bored. I always loved LAVA style style to add for a case because that texture is Epic. I added some cracks and to look like LAVA comes from that cracks Since this case gonna be a HELL OF A BEAST. InWin this case model number is ''303'' and because of that I 3D Rendered the model number as The only ground that have and didn't cracked from the LAVA. ''303'' is the only surviving ground for gamer. In the front I 3D Rendered ''NO.1'' to motivate the gamer to be the ''No.1'' . After that This case felt like something was missing Then I added RGB Split Light bar to the all sides in the case to give a epic scenario to the tempered glass and motherboard.

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