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303 Deluxe

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    2018-03-24 05:02:54

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    This is the next level premium version of the 303 case. It will represent In Win as a high quality brand producing computer cases with outstanding design and function. Key appearances for this 303 Deluxe are eye catching brass materials and premium luxury vintage influences. The front is inspired by vintage speaker design featuring a brassplated single piece of metal with twostep countersunk air intake holes. USB/audio connections and the In Win logo power on button is located at the top. Both side panels are made of tempered glass and the back side one features something never seen before. The exhaust area from the interior fan/radiator is now integrated in the glass panel in a spectacular way with brass plated ribbons. The top of this case now got an integrated tempered glass window in a brass plated frame that follows the front all the way back. The Deluxe version is for everyone tired of RGB LEDs and anodized aluminium whos searching for something unique minimalistic and epic in terms of style. All combined with the benefits of the original 303 case.

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