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    2018-03-06 11:41:01

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    INWIN 303 is one of the best case that I have used in terms of look quality and durability. For me it can be improved and become the top selling case if it can put some 'FLEXIBLE' concept in it. For my design mostly of the INWIN 303 parts are maintained .The new parts of the casing is it have a detachable front and back panel for the 'end user' can replace and design the panel with their own design intention or the 'end user' just can remove it to make the casing acting as 'OPEN CASE' casing. The design of ON/OFF button on the front are using the INWIN 101 concept and mechanisms also can be detach and replace with 'end user' preference logo. Since ASUS ROG STRIX is one of the main sponsors for the event I am using the ROG STRIX logo font and pattern in the design.

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