Jesse Palacio

My Name is Jesse Palacio a.k.a JPModified. I am a modder from the Philippine's "Queen City of the South" Cebu City. I have been modding for several years and I have gathered a decent number of awards in modding in both Local and International Competitions. My inspiration in modding is my audience. I hope to inspire more people to start modding. I use only the simplest but effective techniques which appeal to many people who do not have special equipment to use. I own a fairly decent Youtube Channel with 85,000 subscribers and hope to pull more people in to enjoy and be creative on their own.

David Cathey

I'm Dave Cathey from Hallsville, MO USA, but tend to go by InsolentGnome in the modding world. I’ve been tearing things apart and putting them back together forever but I started modding cases about 3 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now, I make computer mods and have started making modding tutorial videos to get more people interested in the hobby.

Martin&Stefan Blass

We´re Martin and Stefan Blass from Cologne Germany. Brothers and PC Modding infected with the PC Modding Virus since 2001. We started with easy modifications in 2001 and since then, we made more and more complex Mods or Scratch Builds. So far we made a few more than 500 of them, won several Contests and show them everywhere , where it is possible. We worked for several big Companies or Vendors so far and try to build something new, everytime we start a modding project. We always try to find a new or creative way to mod a pc and we use everything, we can get into our Hands. Over the Years we learned a lot of techniques and how to use some special tools or how to handle the differents materials, built some machines or 3D Printers form scratch and never lost our fun over all the learning and modding.

Peter Brands

My name is Peter Brands, hobbyist casemodder, hardware enthusiast and liquid cooling addict. I’m 37 years young and online known as L3p. I live in a small town called Urk in the Netherlands. I’m an electrician and mostly active on trawlers, vessels, onshore installations in industry, utilities and residential buildings. My hobbies are quite obvious, everything that has to do with computers: hardware, software, and modding /tweaking it. Some of my projects that people might recognize are: L3p D3sk, L3pipe, L3p xXx, T2 D3sk or L3p Steiger. Patience, planning, attention to details, and mastery of tools are essential guidelines in my work.


( Ziyang Sun )



( Jiayu Wang )

Ziyang Sun & Jiayu Wang are the founders of VIKINGDOM company. They were invited to a modding project by the League of Legends 2017 World Championship competition to participate in the roving exhibition. Mod enthusiasts love Vikingdom's designs, and they host their own production of modified accessories. Vikingdom integrates modding into art.

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